ZEN-2090 Pro

Digital C-Arm - ZEN 2090 Pro
Masterpiece of Digital C-Arm Feel pride and elegance by ZEN C-arm series Absolute competitiveness in quality, cost and low-maintenance.
Image matrix 1K x 1K high resolution CCD camera
Spatial Image Processing Module (IPM)
Diagnosis radiation monitor only for medical use(19" B/W Dual Monitor)
  ZEN-2090 PRO removed complicated functions, adopted essential functions, skimmed price bubble and enriched the stability for medical equipment.
Basics and Simplicity
ZEN-2090 PRO provides you convenient and stable diagnosis environment.
Easy Operation
High Resolution 1M pixels camera
User friendly control panel

- 9" as well as 6" image intensifier can be adopted

- High power output with 2.2KW HFG (no high voltage cable)

- High grade X-Ray tube with 0.5/1.5 mm focal spot size which can provide sharp and high resolution image
- Dose reduction through pulsed fluoroscopy

- Superior image quality with high definition image intensifier

- High resolution CCD camera for distortion free image

- intelligent ABC(Auto Brightness Control) system

- Boost function



ZEN-2090 FDA Certificate
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