• System Specification
  • Over Head Tube
  • Detector

Ceiling Tube Suspension

  • *Motorized vertical column,
  • *Up to 1700 mm (67”) vertical travel
  • *Synchronized, motorized tracking with Wall stand and Table (Autotracking)
  • *OPTIONS: Handle frame with brake release button

X-Ray Tube & Collimator

  • *Multi-blade shutter, manual collimation
  • *Laser line field alignment
  • OPTION: Automatic collimator, DAP meter

X-Ray Generator

  • *High frequency generator from EMD (Canada) company
  • *From 65KW to 80KW
  • *Modular Inverter Technology
  • *Automatic Calibration

Vertical Wall Stand

  • *Manual Vertical Column


Elevating 6-Way Table (one column)

  • *Patient load: 295 kg (650 lbs)
  • *Motorised vertical travel: 540-850 mm (21” – 33”)
  • *OPTION: Manoeuvre handle (Up/Down, Table top release) 

OPTION: 6-Way Table (two column)                                           

  • *Patient load: 250 kg (550 lbs)
  • *Motorized vertical travel: 555-930 mm (22” – 36”)
  • *Manouvre handle (Up/Down, Table top release)









  • *Weight 126 kg (278 lbs) including standard tube and collimator.
  • *Servo tracking: Table
  • *Control handle with digital display showing tube angulation and vertical FFD/SID distance (cm/inch)


Room interface

  • *Ceiling height: Minimum 2.5 m (8´3”)
  • *Ceiling rails: 3 x 4 m (9’11” x 13’2”)
  • *Mains supply: 115/230 VAC (8/4.5A), 208 VAC (4.7A) 50/60 Hz
  • *1-Phase operating power

IMIX X Wireless

Arcoma-IMIX offers a full line of tiered product solutions to meet the varied needs of imaging facilities of all sizes and budgets.

Arcoma-IMIX solutions include digital detectors that are seamlessly integrated into complete radiography solutions or can be configured to easily retrofit analog systems to digital.

  • The IMIXX Wireless DR Cassette is a TFT-based, wireless flat-panel detector for clinical applications that require additional portability and flexibility. Its unique integrated battery and carbon fiber clad cassette provide enhanced durability in the world’s lightest weight wireless flat panel detector.




TYPE: Portable Wireless Flat Panel Detector Based on Amorphous Silicon(a-Si)

Scintillator: CSI (Cesium Iodide)

Weight: 2.9Kg

Pixel Size: 175um

Image Field: 1994x2430 (4.8 million Pixels)

Power/Communication Tether: Possible

Dynamic Range: 4 Digits

Charging Time (Empty to Full): 30 Minutes with battery charger

Operating Time: 2 hours typ. at 60 images/hour

Detector Structure: Durable Monocoque Uniform Structure




Intuition Bucky Stand
Intuition two column table
Intuition Ceiling Suspension
Imix Wireless Detector
Imix Wireless Detector Features
Imix Wireless Detector Features2
Intuition FDA Certificate
Intuition CE Certificate
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