PAX-i (PCH-2500)

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Optimal Image Solution for Accurate Dental Diagnosis


PaX-i provides the most precise and high quality panoramic image by innovative imaging process and accumulated experience in dental imaging from VATECH. It always enables you to perform an accurate diagnosis with great satisfaction from patients in your clinic.

[Intuitive User Interface & Various Capture Modes]
1) Various capture modes to meet all of diagnostic requirements.

2) Capability to choose jaw shape and patient size to capture the most accurate image.

3) Fast capturing mode, segmented capturing mode, child mode considering reduced X-ray dose & time saving.

Advanced Image Solution for Orthodontist

A) 2 dedicated sensors for Pano and Ceph -> It allows for easy access to Pano / Ceph functions for increased workflow

B) 2 types of Cephalometric on your requirement : One shot / Scan type 


A) The standard diagnosis image for orthodontist

B) The stable and affordable imaging solution for orthodontic diagnosis 

A) Superior image quality delivered by the highly sensitive Flat Panel X-ray Detector

B) The shortest X-ray exposure : 0.9 sec. with no motion artifact

2 Dedicated Sensors for Pano/Ceph

A) Without the hassle to change the sensor, users could perform Pano / Ceph exposure with fast and comfortable workflow.

B) It allows for easy access to Pano / Ceph functions for increased workflow.

C) Using a separate sensor extends the lifetime of sensors. 

Optimal product option for your requirement

Item Description Remark
PaX-i PANO only
PaX-i SC PANO + CEPH (Scan type) 2 in 1
PaX-i OP PANO + CEPH (One shot type) 2 in 1


  • 1. Ear Rods
      Secures the patient،¯s head during CEPH imaging.
  • 2. Nasal Positioner
      A) Positions the patient during CEPH imaging. B) The ruler for use to compensate the acquired image that is different from actual size.
  • 3. LED Lamp
      Indicates current exposure activity. (Green = Ready, Orange = X-Ray On)
  • 5. Temple Support
      Supports the patient،¯s temples during PANO scan.
  • 6. Chin Support
      Supports the patient،¯s chin during imaging.
  • 7. Column Up/Down Button
      Moves the Column up/down
  • 7_1. Laser Beam On/Off Button
      Turn the laser beam on / off
  • 8. Emergency Switch
      Cuts off all power to the equipment in case of emergency. Its primary function is to protect the patient from severe injury and the equipment from damage.
  • 9. Telescopic Column
      Moves the column up or down for patient positioning.
  • 11. Handle Frame
        Held firmly by the patient during imaging to stabilize his / her position.
PaX-i [PCH-2500]
Function Panoramic + Cephalometric
Sensor Type CMOS
Focal Spot 0.5mm
Gray Scale 14bit
Scan Time

Pano: HD 13.5 sec / Normal 10.1 sec

Ceph: Scan 12.9 sec / One-Shot 0.9 sec

Generator Voltage : 50~90 kVp / Current : 4~10 mA
Patient Position Standing / Wheel-chair accessible


(Without Base)

PaX-i (Pano Only): 90kg / 198.5 lbs

PaX-i SC (Pano / Scan Ceph): 120kg / 264.6 lbs

PaX-i OP (Pano / One-Shot Ceph): 130 kg / 286.6 lbs

Base: 50kg / 110.3 lbs


[WxDxH mm (inches)]

PaX-i (Pano Only): 1060(41.73) x 1200(47.24) x 2300(90.55)

PaX-i SC (Pano / Scan Ceph): 1920(75.6) x 1200(47.24) x 2300(90.55)

PaX-i OP (Pano / One-Shot Ceph): 1930(76) x 1200(47.24) x 2300(90.55)



Pax-i(PCH-2500) Brochure
Pax-i(PCH-2500) 510K (FDA)
VATECH CE Certificate
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