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PaX-Duo3D offers the most efficient ،®2-in-1،¯ solution for all dental specialists by providing high-quality Panoramic & 3D images at an affordable price. With the Auto-Switching system between Panoramic & CBCT sensors, you can easily change the scan mode from Panoramic to 3D.


Auto-Switching System

Two Embedded Sensors Charging in the right Position

Multi FOV

PaX-Duo3D provides multi FOV sizes to meet customers's various demands. Ensuring only the region of interest is imaged based on the patients treatment plan.

The Most Practical FOV size for Implantologists & Oral surgeons

PaX-Duo3D provides 4 multi FOV sizes from 5x5 to 12x8.5. By selecting the appropriate FOV size, you can save time from diagnosis to surgery with the optimal radiation dose. In addition, with the 12x8.5 FOV size, you can check the status of teeth in the full arch and structure of the maxillary sinus. Likewise, the various capture modes of PaX-Duo3D help obtain an optimized image of the required area with low-dosage & time efficiency features. The capture program includes modes such as Maxillary, Mandible, Occlusion, and TMJ. Furthermore, each mode specifically supports the right, left, and center areas for more exact & precise diagnosis.

MAR Technology (Metal Artifact Reduction)

New technology from VATECH To obtain ideal 3D images, VATECH has improved the MAR system offering superior diagnostics to modern dentistry. Aritifacts arising from metal objects can cause significant problems in the image quality of adjacent structures and prevent accurate diagnosis. VATECH newly developed MAR technology (Metal Artifact Reduction) minimizes artifacts providing excellent image quality.



  • 1. Auto-Switching

      No need to attach or detach a sensor for panorama and CT image. The sensor position is changed according to the imaging mode.
  • 2. LCD Window for Patient Guidance

      Through the LCD Panel in front of the equipment, it guides patients on the imaging procedure with letters and voice.
  • 3. Embedded Camera for Patient Positioning

      It enables checking and correcting a patient's posture through the LCD Panel.
  • 4. LCD Touch Screen

      By simply touching the 6.4 inch LCD Touch Screen, you can confirm the imaging setting and find the pictures taken.
  • 5. Up/Down Sliding Frame

      The height of an equipment is adjusted easily according to the patient's height.
  • 6. Auto Moving Chinrest

      Auto positioning of the chinrest for the imaging part offers more convenience for patients.





Function CBCT, Panoramic
FOV Size(cm) 5x5, 8.5x5, 8.5x8.5, 12x8.5
Exposure Time 15sec / 24sec
Recon Time less than 1 minute
Voxel Size 0.8~0.3mm
Dimension (WxDxH mm) 1070 x 1600 x 2350
Patient Position Standing / Wheel-chair accessible
CBCT sensor FPD
Generator Voltage 50-90kVp
Generator Current 2-10mA
Rotating Unit Scan Angle 360


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