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PaX-Reve3D _ The premium for professional functionality & technology

Free FOV PaX-Reve3D is the first dental CT which realizes the Free FOV function. It offers various FOV from 5X5 to 15X15. These various FOV extend the areas of diagnosis. Within this range, you can freely select the region of interest and size the FOV accordingly based on the need or purpose of diagnosis. This revolutionary function improves the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis. Furthermore, PaX-Reve3D considers the convenience of users by defining the typical default values from small to large - 5X5cm, 8X6cm,12X8cm and 15X15cm.There is also optional double scan mode for more extensive FOV size(15X19).




FOV 5x5 cm With an FOV of 5X5cm, you can minimize the exposure dose of the patient and obtain a detailed image of the area you want in a very short time.

FOV 8x6 cm With an FOV of 8X6cm, you can obtain information over the whole arch. Also, you can select the area you want through the various capture modes; Upper & Lower jaw, TMJ, occlusion.The flexible capture mode also contributes to reducing patient dose.


FOV 12x8 cm With an FOV of 12X8cm, the status of the entire dental arch is determined in just one scan for implant surgery. More accurate and safer placement of implants can be achieved by obtaining anatomical information on the inside of the maxillary sinus.


FOV 15x15 cm With an FOV of 15X15cm, you can obtain detailed anatomical information of the maxillofacial image including both TMJ and sinus with just one scan.




    • 1. Camera & Voice Communication

        With the integrated camera and voice system, Reve3D enables visual monitoring and voice communication between patient and staff. In particular, you can check the position of the patient again before scanning via the integrated camera so that more accurate scanning can be performed.
    • 2. Touch Panel LCD

        With the touch LCD panel, you can easily operate various parameters for capture. You can also ensure the correct positioning of the patient.
    • 3. Accessories Box

        PaX-Reve3D has enough space to store the patients jewelry, glasses etc. without loss or damage.
    • 4. Perfect Wheel-chair Accessibility

          With a base design allowing access for wheel-chair's. PaX-Reve3D increases the accessibility of wheel-chair users providing easy patient positioning.









    Function CBCT+Pano+Ceph
    FOV Size(cm) 5X5 ~ 15X15 (15X19:Option)
    Scan Time(pluse X-ray) CBCT : 15sec/24sec Pano : 9.7/13.5 sec Ceph : 0.5~1.0 sec
    Recon Time less than 2minutes (standard)
    Voxel Size 0.08~0.3mm
    Dimension (WxDxH mm) 2050x1570x2330
    Patient Position Standing / Wheel-chair accessible
    CBCT sensor FPD
    Generator Voltage 50-90kVp
    Generator Current 2-10mA
    Focal Spot 0.5mm
    Image acquisition 360


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