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The Spirit of youth , scientific power and valuable experience for several years of working in the field of Medical Imaging makes us as a growing and good known company among several imaging devices suppliers in IRAN. ARIAN DARMAN PAJOUH Co. began it's work with supplying different kinds of Xray devices for medical centers and clinics in the country . As the management team graduated in biomedical engineering field with several years of experience in technical aspects of imaging devices, selection of different products and manufacturers was due to their good support capabilities and their flexibility to domestic market rather than just economic aspects of views. The same sensitivity was used on satisfaction of customers by means of a good after sales support for them. For this reason many customers have satisfied from the products and their after sales services in the past years till now. The stable and continuos participation in different events and exhibitions caused more confidence and face to face relation between us and the target customers. Whole of the persons in our company are honored to get a better service to the customers.our sales department tries to become customers consultant rather than just product seller to them. They are ready to answer your questions whenever you want.